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Adult Ewok Costume

Here are the finished costumes.

The Ewok headdresses are made from:

Headband, Fur and suede fabric – Sew ears (just two ear shapes together and turned) and hand sew/glue to headband.  Drape fabric over head and cut holes where ears will poke through.  Carefully cut out face hole (start small, can always widen the hole) I just brushed glue on the edges to stop fraying.

Add detail – Feathers, model magic (molded the skull over tin foil then removed foil)

Old Navy brown performance fleece – They have Tall sized which is great for my 6’4″ ewok husband.


Kids Ewok Costume

There is a Star Wars theme going on within our play group so I had to figure out what the Clark Family was going to be…Ewoks!!! Yes, I am making adult ewok costumes (coming soon). For my daughter I found an 18mo monkey costume at Goodwill for $5. I saw new ones at Old Navy this year, so you could do the same thing 🙂

Here is what I did:

1. Purchase/gather fabric, yarn, feathers, model magic. I used a sewing machine for the pouch but you could hand sew that.
2. drape the fabric over at the desired angle and cut holes for the ears. Pull through and then cut out the face bit by bit so it lays right. Sew in place.
3. I made a quickie pouch on the sewing machine and attached in to an already existing pocket (there was a banana in it – for the monkey)
4. Embellish with yarn and feathers. I made little bone/tooth beads with model magic.
5. Paint on ewok finger nails.

Total time: about 3 hours
Total cost: about $15

* I removed the tail (shown in pic) with a seam ripper.  I also bought brown fleece pants to complete the outfit.