Play Kitchen Remodel


I have seen many DIY kitchen projects on Pinterest and really wanted to make one for my daughter.  But, after all the things I wanted to do to it, the cost was not worth it considering what you can get a used kitchen for on craigslist.  So, that is what I did.

I bought this used kitchen for about $80. (picture below)  It was in mint condition and the seller threw in a whole bunch of food, pots, cash register, dress up clothes….when I explained my project she just kept putting stuff in my car 🙂  I didn’t like the color, and wanted it to be more gender neutral and realistic.

Here is what I did:

Painting – sand first!!!!.  Took it all apart and spray painted just about everything.  Took about 7 cans total (3 turn, 2 white, 1 silver, 1 brown)

Backsplash – I painted it white and then used hot glue to attach clear deco stones from the dollar store.  Filled in with modpodge for extra hold.  Added a stick on light above.

Mircrowave – buttons from dollar store calculator.

Dishes/Food – check local thrift store.  I found small plastic dishes that are more realistic and actually hold the play food.  I also found decorative food there!!!

I added a couple shelves in the fridge for more storage.  Also, I used a spice rack from home depot as a “pantry” on the side.

Other details – dollar store ice trays, salt and pepper shaker filled with beads, sponges, and baskets.  The fabric pictured is going to be a apron and some hot pads (will add when finished)


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