Easy Cheap Dog Crate Beds

Our puppy kids sleep in crates. I cannot tell you how many beds we have gone through due to accidents, washing, scratching (making bed), ect. The are expensive and horrible to keep clean, the filling shifts, the fabric falls apart, its a mess and a waste of money. I saw a similar post where someone made a dog bed out of this easy quilt tying technique but I still needed an easy clean option. Here is what I did:

Memory foam – Target has memory foam mattress covers on clearance because they are the dorm room size. I cut two beds out after measuring the crates (doubled over).
Waterproof Cover – old waterproof table covers left from the holidays. Cut and sew the edges around the memory foam, just like a pillow.
Soft/washable cover – I got old fleece blankets for $3 at Goodwill. Cut out to fit made pillow. Leave one end open and cut strips to tie.

So far this is working great. When we have an accident or they are just smelly I just untie the strips and throw the cover in the wash. You can also wipe off the waterproof cover.

Total cost for two beds – about $16


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