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Play Kitchen Remodel


I have seen many DIY kitchen projects on Pinterest and really wanted to make one for my daughter.  But, after all the things I wanted to do to it, the cost was not worth it considering what you can get a used kitchen for on craigslist.  So, that is what I did.

I bought this used kitchen for about $80. (picture below)  It was in mint condition and the seller threw in a whole bunch of food, pots, cash register, dress up clothes….when I explained my project she just kept putting stuff in my car 🙂  I didn’t like the color, and wanted it to be more gender neutral and realistic.

Here is what I did:

Painting – sand first!!!!.  Took it all apart and spray painted just about everything.  Took about 7 cans total (3 turn, 2 white, 1 silver, 1 brown)

Backsplash – I painted it white and then used hot glue to attach clear deco stones from the dollar store.  Filled in with modpodge for extra hold.  Added a stick on light above.

Mircrowave – buttons from dollar store calculator.

Dishes/Food – check local thrift store.  I found small plastic dishes that are more realistic and actually hold the play food.  I also found decorative food there!!!

I added a couple shelves in the fridge for more storage.  Also, I used a spice rack from home depot as a “pantry” on the side.

Other details – dollar store ice trays, salt and pepper shaker filled with beads, sponges, and baskets.  The fabric pictured is going to be a apron and some hot pads (will add when finished)


Easy Cheap Dog Crate Beds

Our puppy kids sleep in crates. I cannot tell you how many beds we have gone through due to accidents, washing, scratching (making bed), ect. The are expensive and horrible to keep clean, the filling shifts, the fabric falls apart, its a mess and a waste of money. I saw a similar post where someone made a dog bed out of this easy quilt tying technique but I still needed an easy clean option. Here is what I did:

Memory foam – Target has memory foam mattress covers on clearance because they are the dorm room size. I cut two beds out after measuring the crates (doubled over).
Waterproof Cover – old waterproof table covers left from the holidays. Cut and sew the edges around the memory foam, just like a pillow.
Soft/washable cover – I got old fleece blankets for $3 at Goodwill. Cut out to fit made pillow. Leave one end open and cut strips to tie.

So far this is working great. When we have an accident or they are just smelly I just untie the strips and throw the cover in the wash. You can also wipe off the waterproof cover.

Total cost for two beds – about $16

Adult Ewok Costume

Here are the finished costumes.

The Ewok headdresses are made from:

Headband, Fur and suede fabric – Sew ears (just two ear shapes together and turned) and hand sew/glue to headband.  Drape fabric over head and cut holes where ears will poke through.  Carefully cut out face hole (start small, can always widen the hole) I just brushed glue on the edges to stop fraying.

Add detail – Feathers, model magic (molded the skull over tin foil then removed foil)

Old Navy brown performance fleece – They have Tall sized which is great for my 6’4″ ewok husband.