Ewok Kiddo Costume

We are doing a Star Wars Halloween. I really wanted to make ewok costumes. I found a monkey costume at the Goodwill for $5 and turned it into an Ewok. The costume is still available at Old Navy for under $20 so you could do the same thing. I bought some fabric remnants, feathers, and yarn from the craft store.
1. Drape the fabric and cut holes to pull the ears through, then cut the face hole out bit by bit till your happy with where it falls.
2. Hand sew it on to keep it in place.
3. The pouch covers a pocket that had a stuffed banana. Make an easy pouch shape, machine sew (optional) and attach by hand.
4. Use yarn and feathers to add some stitches and other details.
5. Remove the tail with a seam ripper.
6. Use off white paint to make ewok nails on mitten part.
7. The ON costume comes with pants but I just bought some brown ones.
Total cost = about $20


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